The most solved puzzles in the first month after creation

Some puzzles take time to gain the appreciation of the solvers and patiently climb in our rankings. Others immediately draw attention and are stacked from the first hours. Here you will find just such puzzles - stars from the first month of availability on our site.

Colorful street jigsaw puzzle onlineIn Tuscany. jigsaw puzzle onlineFabulous views of the coast jigsaw puzzle onlineA walk in the park on winter day jigsaw puzzle onlineBusy Santa Claus jigsaw puzzle onlinefairytale princess with her horse online puzzleOn the porch. jigsaw puzzle onlineAmong us characters jigsaw puzzle onlineHouse in flowers jigsaw puzzle onlineIn a small town on the river online puzzleLandscape # 78 - Large country house with chickens jigsaw puzzle onlinefabulous view in the mountains online puzzle<<Spring>> online puzzleCanton of Ticino and a small charming hotel in it jigsaw puzzle onlinelandscape from the window jigsaw puzzle onlineView online puzzle<< In the countryside >> online puzzleSummer in the countryside. online puzzleGirl enjoying gardens and ocean view jigsaw puzzle onlineRainy day. online puzzlehouse in sweden jigsaw puzzle onlineMill on the river in the forest online puzzleView jigsaw puzzle onlineMoments of Tenderness online puzzle
Vie de château: une vue, un bouquet et des livres jigsaw puzzle onlineStill life with flowers online puzzlePatio, Sea jigsaw puzzle online<< In the countryside >> jigsaw puzzle onlineDecorative Christmas house jigsaw puzzle online<< Autumn >> jigsaw puzzle onlineHarbor online puzzleCapri - Italian island in the Tyrrhenian Sea jigsaw puzzle onlineBarrier discussion jigsaw puzzle onlineLeśniański Lagoon and Czocha Castle online puzzleLake Garda- Italy jigsaw puzzle onlineVilla thousand colors online puzzleGazebo online puzzleIn front of the house. online puzzleLuxury villa online puzzleLandscape with a church. jigsaw puzzle onlineFancy landscape. jigsaw puzzle onlineStunning lakeside property online puzzleIn the darkness of the Middle Ages jigsaw puzzle onlinehouse in the Netherlands online puzzleJapan. jigsaw puzzle onlineshop in the town online puzzleWelcome to your trip. jigsaw puzzle onlineIsland in Croatia online puzzle