The most solved puzzles in the first month after creation

Some puzzles take time to gain the appreciation of the solvers and patiently climb in our rankings. Others immediately draw attention and are stacked from the first hours. Here you will find just such puzzles - stars from the first month of availability on our site.

SANTA CLAUS'S WORKSHOP online puzzlePalm Sunday CHILDREN jigsaw puzzle onlineRed Riding Hood online puzzleHouse on the coast in the mountains jigsaw puzzle onlineVincent Van Gogh's bedroom in Arles jigsaw puzzle onlinecleaning jigsaw puzzle onlineflower rug jigsaw puzzle onlineColorful baskets puzzles online puzzleDIGESTIVE SYSTEM online puzzlepicnic in the garden online puzzleCountry houses on the island of Rügen jigsaw puzzle onlineA charming Christmas dwarf jigsaw puzzle onlineStreet in Święta. online puzzleview with tulips online puzzlechick eggs Easter flowers online puzzleEnglish countryside. jigsaw puzzle onlineA beautiful house on a seaside hill - a wonderful view online puzzleA beautiful white house with a wonderful garden, idyll jigsaw puzzle onlineThe lemur king Julian and penguins from Madagascar jigsaw puzzle onlinedog on the porch of a nice house jigsaw puzzle onlineOne last stocking jigsaw puzzle onlineResidential neighborhood in Colorado at autumn jigsaw puzzle onlinemountain landscape online puzzlea relaxing place online puzzle
Hobbiton, Lake in New Zealand online puzzleHouse by the river with a pier online puzzlegirl with cat in garden online puzzleChristmas gifts are coming - Christmas gifts, have a nice time jigsaw puzzle onlineA cottage under a thatched roof by the river online puzzlelove in times of war jigsaw puzzle onlineLake Como. online puzzle<< Paris >> online puzzlemap of Poland jigsaw puzzle onlineHouse in the woods online puzzleRural life-neighbors-gossip time :) online puzzleTHE FANTASTIC LAKE online puzzleLake Garda jigsaw puzzle onlineOn the river. online puzzleA fabulous sight jigsaw puzzle onlinean afternoon in the kitchen jigsaw puzzle onlineStay at the lake in the evening time online puzzleTuscany online puzzleoutside the window online puzzleSwitzerland - A stunning view of a small town online puzzleWalk in the rain online puzzleHouse in mountains. jigsaw puzzle onlineLake Como- Italy online puzzleMarken - A small fishing village in the Netherlands online puzzle