The most solved puzzles in the first month after creation

Some puzzles take time to gain the appreciation of the solvers and patiently climb in our rankings. Others immediately draw attention and are stacked from the first hours. Here you will find just such puzzles - stars from the first month of availability on our site.

English countryside. jigsaw puzzle onlineSchool bus jigsaw puzzle onlineHouse by the river - picture jigsaw puzzle onlineMy snowman and me jigsaw puzzle onlineImage. In the countryside online puzzleA rustic font jigsaw puzzle onlinecars in london jigsaw puzzle onlineView from the island terrace with houses online puzzle<< In the countryside >> jigsaw puzzle onlineSea house online puzzlePainting. online puzzleCottage and Quilts online puzzleRural tiny nice house with a colorful garden jigsaw puzzle onlinein the butcher shop online puzzleTrain leaving the tunnel jigsaw puzzle onlineIn gallop. online puzzleCountry Life jigsaw puzzle onlineThe castle and the lake in Giżycko jigsaw puzzle onlineLauterbrunnen. jigsaw puzzle onlineCozy by the Fireplace online puzzleHome from the Fair online puzzlemansion with bars jigsaw puzzle onlineSpring in nature. online puzzleHeart of Jesus jigsaw puzzle online
Sunset, boat, calm beautiful beach at night jigsaw puzzle online<< In the countryside >> jigsaw puzzle onlineSea Side Inn Beach House online puzzleAlley Streets- Italy online puzzleA flowery courtyard, despite the cobbled street online puzzleGarden view jigsaw puzzle onlineHoi An, Vietnam jigsaw puzzle onlinewe're going fishing online puzzlecoffee shop in the park jigsaw puzzle onlineHolidaymakers at the lake online puzzleLandscape outside the window. jigsaw puzzle onlineMaple Syrup Time jigsaw puzzle onlineView jigsaw puzzle onlineA village of flowers in bloom. jigsaw puzzle onlineFamily eating jigsaw puzzle onlineterrace, houses, sea jigsaw puzzle onlineTerrace and lake view online puzzleCozy cottage in the mountains online puzzleCottages In The Meadow jigsaw puzzle onlinetown in winter online puzzleA land of wine, a fairy-tale place :) jigsaw puzzle onlinemeadow residents jigsaw puzzle onlineNetherlands online puzzleA seaside fairy-tale garden :) online puzzle