The most solved puzzles in the first month after creation

Some puzzles take time to gain the appreciation of the solvers and patiently climb in our rankings. Others immediately draw attention and are stacked from the first hours. Here you will find just such puzzles - stars from the first month of availability on our site.

A dream place to relax online puzzleThe street in the evening time online puzzleNice cottage at the edge of the water jigsaw puzzle onlinea relaxed day jigsaw puzzle onlineDutch Venice jigsaw puzzle onlineSnow-covered village on Christmas Day jigsaw puzzle onlineknight on horse greeting a lady online puzzleChannel in Venice jigsaw puzzle onlinethree girls on vacation jigsaw puzzle onlineIt's time to feed the chanterelles jigsaw puzzle onlineIn front of the house. jigsaw puzzle online<< Italy >> jigsaw puzzle onlineA fishing trip, a lovely scene online puzzlefishing with dad online puzzleLand of swans (fantasy picture) jigsaw puzzle onlineAll I want in life jigsaw puzzle onlineSpirit of Christmas -Spirit of Christmas online puzzlein one day online puzzleCastle, Fountain online puzzleIn the kitchen. online puzzlePanorama of the city jigsaw puzzle onlineResurrection online puzzle<< On the beach>. jigsaw puzzle onlinetown after the rain online puzzle
lighthouse in the middle of the sea online puzzleMy family online puzzleTown on the hill online puzzleQuiet little town in the bay jigsaw puzzle onlinetree house online puzzlewalk in the snow jigsaw puzzle onlineA well-deserved family meal, after the work jigsaw puzzle onlinea fabulous sight jigsaw puzzle onlinePortofino and the Italian Riviera jigsaw puzzle onlineRomantic seaside street online puzzleRootbeer seaside jigsaw puzzle onlineA river flowing from the mountains jigsaw puzzle onlineNice mill and its wheel jigsaw puzzle onlineCottage And Fireplace, Autumn online puzzleisland vis in croatia online puzzleCats in the kitchen online puzzleVilla in Posillipo Naples Italy online puzzleswans on the water online puzzleAvignon - observation bridge online puzzleBeautiful autumn. jigsaw puzzle onlineColorful holiday villas by the lake online puzzleSpain- Valencia online puzzleSnowman's forest friends, sweet view :) online puzzleWonderful Christmas time jigsaw puzzle online