Most popular puzzles a year ago

Let's go back in time and see which puzzles were most popular a year ago. Do the same images still attract the attention of the solvers? Or have preferences completely changed and you'll find gems that are already hard to spot on the site today among the most popular ones?

Mouse o Ratón online puzzleStorage online puzzleLayers of the Earth online puzzleBraunschweig harbor jigsaw puzzle onlineBlackpink - Duu- Duu-Duu jigsaw puzzle onlineexercise technique online puzzleNaruto Uzumaki jigsaw puzzle onlinewoman in white lab gown standing beside woman jigsaw puzzle onlinesubmarine jigsaw puzzle onlineMuscular system online puzzleblack computer keyboard on black table online puzzlepainting technique online puzzleVespucci Italy ship online puzzlecomputer technology - colorful abstraction jigsaw puzzle onlinecomputer graphics - abstraction jigsaw puzzle onlineCOLORFUL BUTTONS jigsaw puzzle onlineDigestive System Puzzle online puzzlecomputer graphics - girl, mushrooms jigsaw puzzle onlineThe Real Ferdinando bridge 1832 Bourbon Kingdom online puzzleDance at Bougival, Pierre jigsaw puzzle onlinecomputer graphics - roses online puzzleMonitor Test of colors, program, end jigsaw puzzle onlineBookshelf online puzzleMikołaj Copernicus on banknotes jigsaw puzzle online
Biotechnology online puzzlesound engineer online puzzleMennard Forever❤️? ️? online puzzleJunkers watch color negative online puzzleAstronomical clock online puzzleComputer types online puzzleComputer graphics - Flowers jigsaw puzzle onlineA girl and her robotic friend online puzzletesting jigsaw puzzle onlineblack bed linen near white table jigsaw puzzle onlineDynamic spiral 4 jigsaw puzzle onlineFractal spiral jigsaw puzzle onlineColorful Digital Art Flowers Fractal online puzzleMetal spiral jigsaw puzzle onlineComputer graphics - Colorful flower online puzzleSpace shuttle taking off on a mission online puzzleApple 11 logo jigsaw puzzle onlineCircular viaduct in Brosio online puzzleOld and modern computer online puzzlepuzzle keyboard online puzzleSpacecraft jigsaw puzzle onlinecomputer online puzzleDODGING II jigsaw puzzle onlineLAPTOP PUZZLE online puzzle