The most popular puzzles of the last 30 days

Each month brings thousands of new puzzles to put together, and on this page you'll find the ones that were put together most often in the past month. Choose and arrange interesting puzzles to help them climb even higher in the rankings.

Dog walking online puzzlePuzzle for Lucas online puzzlepikachu kitten jigsaw puzzle onlinedwarfs jigsaw puzzle onlinesun and rainbow online puzzleA charming Christmas dwarf jigsaw puzzle onlineGabby's Dollhouse online puzzlecomputer puzzles jigsaw puzzle onlineThe cave that doesn't exist jigsaw puzzle onlineCat with Kittens online puzzleBeautiful places on earth jigsaw puzzle onlineBoo boy jigsaw puzzle onlineSnow-covered village on Christmas Day jigsaw puzzle onlineBusy Santa Claus jigsaw puzzle onlineA house by the river online puzzlepeppasaltanelfango online puzzlePicturesque countryside landscape jigsaw puzzle onlineAt sunset over the water jigsaw puzzle onlineyellow villa in the garden online puzzleVillage at Christmas online puzzleSweet cats family online puzzleTeddy bear chef jigsaw puzzle onlineTheater in Krakow. online puzzleTest puzelki v10 jigsaw puzzle online
Santa Claus. - online puzzleFrozen 2 online puzzleVery old charming stone church jigsaw puzzle onlineThey arrive at grandma's house online puzzleArbor. online puzzlearchitecture jigsaw puzzle onlineAn amusement park with a train and boats jigsaw puzzle onlineA forest residence in an autumn setting online puzzleFamily Christmas online puzzleSilent Night online puzzleLittle kitten in its house online puzzleWinter in a village by the river online puzzleSLEEPING PETS jigsaw puzzle onlineEnglish streets online puzzleJane Austen - portrait jigsaw puzzle onlineLandscape of Liguria (Italy) jigsaw puzzle onlineSunset. online puzzleMontresor Castle in the Loire Valley online puzzleFrom a series of country atmosphere jigsaw puzzle onlineDisney princesses online puzzlePainted mountain village jigsaw puzzle onlineA HOUSE IN LESA online puzzleThe return online puzzleAnimals on the farm jigsaw puzzle online