Dulce, Anahi, Maite online puzzle

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Dulce, Anahi, Maite online puzzle

This Mexican soap opera tells the story of a group of friends who study at the Elite Way School. The main characters of this series are: Mia, Robert, Lupita, Miguel, Giovani and Diego. Their common passion is music, that's why they create their own music band called \ "Rebelde \" or in brief \ "RBD \". The team operates despite numerous obstacles on the part of the school authorities and some parents. Also in school, the heroes face numerous problems and difficulties, but together with the whole class they can fight for their rights in the name of friendship and even love that joins them. They prove that by interacting they can overcome the biggest problems. The series shows how strong a bond is friendship and love. The characters have many loves and many disappointments, but despite this they do not lose their youthful enthusiasm. Serial youth proves that in life not only money and power count, and social differences are not important but true friendship and cooperation in a just cause.

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    Woman Girl Photograph Beauty Rebellion RBD Rebelde Maite Perroni Maite Anahí Hair Blond Hairstyle Long hair Layered hair Model (person) Hair coloring Brown hair Black hair Socialite Smile bangs Feathered hair Person Fashion Dulce María Makeover Face Hime cut Mexico Red hair RBD: La familia Step cutting Lipstick couple North America Human hair color posing

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