Maia Reficco

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Maia Reficco jigsaw puzzle

She came to the Nickelodeon project, Kally's Mashup thanks to Claudia Brant and the Instagram social network; Brant was responsible for sending covers that Reficco made from various artists and went to the platform, and then he contacted the production of the series for interrogation. [5] Reficco listened to the song "Dangerous Woman" by the vocalist Ariana Grande. In the end, he managed to get a leading role in the series playing Kally Ponce. Kally's Mashup revolves around Kally, a young wonderful child who is admitted to the university music conservatory. Kally always devoted himself to classical music, but his true passion is pop music. [1] The series contains original music composed by Anders, his musical partner for years, Peer Astoma and his wife Nikki Anders. Adam Anders is also responsible for executive production, supervising all of the series's music. Reficco signed with the record label Deep Well Records and went to Miami to record music from the series

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