Violetta Castillo online puzzle

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Violetta Castillo jigsaw puzzle online

Violetta is gifted
exceptional talent
vocal. However, he is completely unaware of it. She inherited it from her mother, a famous singer,
who died in a car accident when Violetta
she was still very small.
Her father, Germán, is a successful engineer. He is very strict and a bit overprotective, but he loves his teenage daughter with all his heart. He is still going through his wife's tragic death and is afraid that Violetta will not follow in her mother's footsteps. Therefore, he hides details from her past from her.

After the accident, they both moved to Madrid, where
Germán himself took care of his daughter's upbringing, practically isolating her from her peers. He is aware of Violetta's great musical talent and encourages her to learn to play the piano,
but tries to keep her from singing and acting.
Everything changes when they both return to Buenos Aires. Violetta takes up piano lessons at the prestigious Studio 21. There she meets Angie, her new teacher and carer, who helps her develop her skills. She also meets many other people who will accompany her in her studies.
Among them are Tomás and León, two boys with completely opposite characters who will play an important role in Violetta's life.

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