Love Live 國木田花丸 online puzzle

10.0 Love Live! AS 80 2021-04-03
Love Live 國木田花丸 jigsaw puzzle online

浦之星女學院一年級,是當地代代傳承的寺廟家女兒。喜愛閱讀,尤其鍾愛日本文學的文學少女。歌喉不錯,有加入聖歌隊。個性溫柔,會顧慮身邊的人,但經常白忙一場。跟露比非常要好,且與善子是從幼稚園就認識的兒時玩伴。 Love Live Aqours

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    Woman Girl Glasses Birthday Animation Mammal Character (arts) Vertebrate Screenshot Recreation Long hair Black hair Computer graphics Fiction Costume Toy Graphics Doll Face Human body Hime cut Cup Plate (dishware) Telephone Love Live! decorated holding Laying stuffed hanamaru kunikida

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