The most solved puzzles in the first month after creation

Some puzzles take time to gain the appreciation of the solvers and patiently climb in our rankings. Others immediately draw attention and are stacked from the first hours. Here you will find just such puzzles - stars from the first month of availability on our site.

noul Cagatay online puzzleCagatay Ulusoy jigsaw puzzle onlineDynamic of the day jigsaw puzzle onlineFELIX STRAYKIDS jigsaw puzzle onlineArmy Forever💜 jigsaw puzzle online𝑺𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒚 𝑲𝒊𝒅𝒔 jigsaw puzzle onlinelight stick jigsaw puzzle onlineSuju Round 1 online puzzleCagatay Ulusoy online puzzlekendal j jigsaw puzzle onlineAriana Grande \ _ (≧ ▽ ≦) _ / online puzzleButter 26. jigsaw puzzle onlineNCT 127 puzzle online puzzleTaeHyung online puzzle*JUNGKOOK* online puzzleyo-yo dc02 jigsaw puzzle onlineDC BEcause MV online puzzlesolve the puzzle online puzzleIndigoSeven Day online puzzleKIM HYUN JOONG jigsaw puzzle onlineWilliam Levy session jigsaw puzzle onlineJulia Koster jigsaw puzzle onlineKim Loaiza. jigsaw puzzle onlineKIMBERLY LOAIZA jigsaw puzzle online
Arizona and Owen online puzzleBTS puzzle online puzzleTAEKOOK. online puzzleTAEKOOK. jigsaw puzzle onlineHOBI I LOVE YOU jigsaw puzzle onlineDreamcatcher 2nd Album [Apocalypse: Save us] jigsaw puzzle onlineATEEZ KINGS jigsaw puzzle onlineWin Dreamcatcher jigsaw puzzle online??????Ñ?? ???? jigsaw puzzle onlineHBD NIALL HORAN online puzzlehappy day heaven online puzzleCagatay Ulusoy jigsaw puzzle onlinesuga bts online puzzleActivity: Put the puzzle together and guess who online puzzleWONDER WOMAN online puzzleCagatay Ulusoy jigsaw puzzle onlineCagatay Ulusoy online puzzlezara larsson online puzzleKimberly Loaiza online puzzleAgnieszka Włodarczyk online puzzleGISELE BUNDCHEN ...... jigsaw puzzle onlineAriana Grande. online puzzleAriana Grande online puzzleMillie Bobby Brown online puzzle