Barbie in nutrition

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Barbie in nutrition jigsaw puzzle

The film tells about a young girlfriend (in her role there is Barbie). Klara, spending Christmas with a grandfather, gets under the Christmas tree from his aunt A figurine of the Nutcracker. Auntie tells the story with him related. When Klarra falls asleep, the Nutcracker comes alive, the army of a bad Mouse King appears, who attempts to destroy the Nutcracker and Klara. Klarra and grandfather, however, cross the plans of Mysi Kuvian, but Klara is reduced to the size of the nuts. Yes, so to reverse the spell on the clap and on the naked grandfather move on a journey to find a sugar princess who can reverse a bad spell. During the journey Klara falls in love with nutrition. During the fight, he is defeated, but Klara kisses him and removes his spell from him. It turns out that the Prince Eryk was all the time.

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