Baby and friends

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Baby and friends

Easter begins in the stemil forest. Traditional "Easter eggs" takes place in a rabbit. Everyone goes to him, but there is a unpleasant surprise. The rabbit announces that there is a "day of spring cleaning". Little and the rest are trying to remind the rabbit that is the day, but he does not give himself to explain. During the order, the baby finds a chest with Easter decorations. The little one and the rest are attracted by the house of a rabbit, but he after returning from the garden furiously at friends and throws them out of the house. Little decides that with friends convince the rabbit. Tiger comes to a rabbit and reminds him how Easter once celebrated, but the rabbit does not believe him. At night, a nightmare is dreaming with his future, in which he has everything clean, but friends left him without a word. Fortunately, it turns out that it was just a bad dream. Rabbit finally states that it is not too late and apologize to friends, and then celebrates Easter with them.

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