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WINX CLUB jigsaw puzzle

Bloom lives on Earth in the city of Gardenia. One day he meets the sorceress from the planet Solaria, Stella. Bloom, saving the girl from the monsters attacking her, discovers that she has magical powers. Stella suggests that she go with her to the magical dimension of Magix and begin her education at the Alfea school for the fairies there. On the spot, they will meet three more sorceresses: Flora, Musa and Tecna, as well as specialists, students of the school called the Red Fountain. During their stay at school, the friends have to face the Trix many times, three witches from the Cloud Tower school who are looking for the most powerful power in the magical universe - the Dragon Flame.

pink dance purple lavender winx painting fictional character artwork drawing graphics animation diagram wing child art magenta fashion illustration line art sketch costume design aisha winx club: believix in you musa roxy style believix violet costume accessory club bloom

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