WAWEL DRAGON online puzzle

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WAWEL DRAGON jigsaw puzzle online

If you believe the legend, the Wawel Dragon in Smocza Jama once had a terrible Wawel Dragon, which terrorized the local population. Chłopy had to deliver the designated number of cattle monster, and if they did not do it, the dragon devoured as many human heads. The people and the king could not take it anymore and they decided to deal with the dragon, different versions say who the dragon handled, once it is King Krak himself, once a boy who on the occasion of his brother killed the ruler to stay, the most popular, however version with Szewczyk Skubą, who put a monster on a ram stuffed with sulfur, and after eating the dragon was so thirsty that he drank half of the Vistula River and broke it.

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    Garden Tree Conifer Rock (geology) Monument Houseplant Woody plant Statue Sculpture Dragon Wawel Castle Wawel Dragon Wawel Cathedral puzzle games

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    chyba jest na diecie ...Dlaczego ten smok jest taki chudziutki ja znam "puszystego" Smoka Wawelskiego.

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