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Church in Bolmin puzzle

The oldest mention of the village of Bolmin is in "Liber Beneficiorum" and dates back to 1510-1520. As for the parish, it is known that it was created in 1574. The role of the parish church was played by the wooden church of the p. Holy Trinity, located below the palace of the Brzescy family. The founder of the church was the owner of landed estates in Bolmin, Stanisław Brzeski. At the instigation of Fr. Jakub Chrostkowski, a Malopolska mansyman performing the duties of parish priest in Bolmin, Jan Brzeski, son of Stanisław, founded a brick church existing up to today. Birth of the Virgin.

In 1617, Bishop Tomasz Oborski, the Kraków suffragan, consecrated the church and the main altar. In 1636, the chapel was added from the north side, and in the 17th century the church was enlarged by building a bell tower from the west side.

For further expansion, the temple waited until the beginning of the last century. This was what the parish priest, the priest of Piotr Folfasiński. Two porches were created. One from the west side, the other from the south, and a small treasury was built above it. In 1911, thanks to this parish priest, the parishioners built a wooden belfry and placed three new bells on it.

The parish in Bolmin owes much to Father Folfasiński. The priest held the office of parish priest in this parish three times and died here in 1940. He often said that he loves Bolmin and the miraculous image of the Mother of God. It was he who placed the miraculous image in the main altar, contributing to his priestly ministry to intensify the worship of the image of the Mother of God with the Gracious Favors. To this day, this image is worshiped.

The history of the image of the Mother of God with the Gracious Favors
The first mention of the painting is in inventory from 1798. Fr. Folfasiński claimed that this painting came from the private chapel of Brzeski's heir. There are grounds to believe that he was offered to the church in the years when it began to function. Ks. Folfasinski, as already mentioned, returned to Bolmin three times to perform the function of parish priest. He explained his return by the fact that Bolmin's love for the Mother of God was in her image. Therefore, he moved the image of Our Lady from the side chapel to the main altar and tried to print postcards with a picture of the image on the background of the Boloni church. The parish is still in possession of medals specially minted in honor of M.B. Bolmińskiej.

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