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The war has nothing of a woman - a report by Swiatłana Aleksijewicz published in 1985. It consists of interviews with women who took part in World War II, showing a non-official and heroic face of war. The book has been translated into 20 languages. The writer was prompted to write the book by the stories of the war, told by women in the village where she grew up. These stories were very different from the ordered heroic version of the story known from books and schools in the USSR. She worked on the book from 1978 to 1983, interviewing hundreds of women involved in warfare (serving as nurses, but also as pilots, drivers, snipers and guerrillas). The process of processing such brutal stories was exhausting for Aleksijewicz - she decided that she would never write about the war again (with time she abandoned this idea and created more books about war). The author had big problems with the publication of the report - the book was waiting to be published two years. It appeared in the USSR in 1985 (in episodes in two magazines and in two book publications) and sold in two million copies. However, it was published in a truncated version - some fragments appeared in Russia for the first time only in the new edition in 2004. The report received the Angelus Central European Literary Award (2011) and the